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"I've been working with Gaia for over two years and in that time, I have seen my business grow continuously, quarter on quarter. I have become a sought-after thought leader in my industry as a speaker and author, I've published my first book and have another one on the way, and I have re-negotiated my stake in our company and started a second company and new business venture. Along the way, I've also enjoyed diving deeper into who I am, gained clarity on my personal mission and the legacy I can uniquely create that ensures a meaningful and positive impact in life and business. Gaia has provided me with accountability, insights, inspiration and alternative perspectives that have really helped me to grow so quickly. It's been great to be coached in a supportive and professional manner that enjoyable and encouraging. The most surprising aspect is that all of the mentioned results have come to me with half the stress and double the opportunities to spend time with my loved ones too. I always look forward to my weekly calls with Gaia."

Antti Nittyviita, Finland
CEO, Prove TestLabs

"I realised early on that Gaia had more knowledge and experience than I'd seen wrapped up in one human. Our weekly sessions included the total spectrum of my life, from mindset, to business, relationships, spirituality and health.  I always looked forward to my coaching calls, and felt rejuvenated and spirited to tackle the tasks that I had discussed with her.  Gaia easily flows from one topic to the next. Her talents are plentiful, however, for me the thing that stands out the most, is that she was able to see what was holding me back, and how to manoeuvre through it without triggering my own fears, whilst teaching me new skills to grow.  Gaia has coached me for two years, and will continue to do so, as I grow through my challenges, notwithstanding them.  Gaia taught me that my challenges are fuel, for faith or fear. It is my decision which one I choose. She also guided me to learn what faith and fear were for me, how they showed up, and how I can harness them. This was key to moving from my limitations to all possibilities. My life, in two years of knowing Gaia, has changed enormously. I used to be a single mother of two, with a small one-woman local catering business, to now traveling half of the year, and building a global mission-driven company.  Gaia gave me a beautiful mirror to see myself, in all my colours, and all my full potential, and with this, I am reflecting it onto the rest of my life."

Ursula Zaoui, Sydney, Australia
CEO, The Silk Project

"I opted to seek coaching to help me focus on my business. Running my own business I often felt isolated, so I was looking for some accountability and to help me re-calibrate. A year in, what I am achieving is so much more that expected, coaching has changed my perspective and attitude to life. Gaia helped uncover the core of what I want to achieve in my life as a person, and from doing that it has given me the perspective, with Gaia’s guidance, to build out my goals across different areas of my life, not just my business. The result is not only has my business grown over 41% in the last 6 months, it is on track to almost double in size this year. I have seen my physical fitness, my relationships and mental well-being all grow and improve. It has helped me grow my understanding that everything in my life is inter-connected and I have complete control to build my life as I dream it and handle any challenges that cross my path. I would wholeheartedly recommend Gaia as a coach and recommend to anyone that wants to focus on fulfilling their potential. "

William Gale, London UK
CEO, British Home Sellers


I love to speak; to challenge conventional thought, disrupt the status quo and engage the audience through an unforgettable experience from the stage.

It’s about speaking from the heart and moving people into actions they’d never before considered. It’s about connecting with each and every person to that part inside of them that they forgot was there and inspiring them to bigger things.

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Mentor Coaching

Excellence; tailor-made, just for you. Coaching is where good people become outstanding.

Where you get to step into your greatness and succeed on your terms. Coaching is for those who want something even better than what they already have.  It’s where possibility becomes reality. What more could you achieve if nothing held you back?  Find out how easy it is for you to make a Titan shift.

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Corporate Training

It’s time for you to lead a Team of Titans! 

Specially crafted corporate training programs that are expertly designed to develop conscious leaders in your team. These trainings are fully adaptable to your team’s specific needs.  Strong corporate culture, better communication and improved productivity are just some of the tell-tale signs of a Titan team.

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My personal mission is To Elevate humanity to a higher standard.  I do this by working with the leaders who seek the ultimate reward from this one life: Joy and fulfilment in knowing that they have had a positive impact in the world of those who matter most.  My motto is simple: 

Do Good.  Be Great!  

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